Top 5 restaurants to visit in Cancun

Top 5 restaurants to visit in Cancun

Cancun has become a culinary paradise, what could be better than a good taste accompanied by a marvellous sunset over the sea. 

As a national and international tourist destination, different cultures combine to create new tastes and flavours so you can sample a wide variety of gourmet foods and drinks throughout Cancun's hotel zone. Experience different styles of cuisine on your visit, from kosher, vegan, vegetarian, Italian, Greek to local cuisine.  

Our 5 recommendations are: 


If your taste buds want to delve into Greek cuisine, Ilios will delight you. Enjoy the passion and flavour of Mediterranean cuisine at its finest with genuine dishes. This restaurant honours the breadth of Greek cuisine by taking traditional gastronomy to a new level of elegance and sophistication amidst delicate décor, eco-integrating architecture and visual harmony in every corner. Additionally, if you are looking for a bit of spectacle, we recommend you book in the evening, enjoy the sunset over the lagoon and the fire show, belly dancers, smashing plates and celebrating life to the rhythm of OPA! 

Find it in front of Luxury Avenue Mall in Cancun's hotel zone.


 If your fascination lies with seafood and you're a fan of fish, this is the restaurant for you. Taboo specialises in everything seafood related, always discovering the best dishes the ocean has to offer, with an extravagant menu that includes dishes from tiger prawns, Mediterranean lobster, Dorado Royale, Turbot, Branzino, Prawns or the famous Colossal Calamari that we recommend you try.  

Black Rose

If you are not completely set on one cuisine, Rosa Negra is your best option, with a variety of exclusive products of the best quality brought to your table from different countries around the world. From smoked trout from Tasmania, organic Tajima Kobe beef Tomahawk from Australia, Spanish carabineros, giant prawns from the Mediterranean and Wagyu from Japan; as well as from all over the world for their marbling, flavour and texture. However, you can't miss their signature drinks or order a traditional carajillo and enjoy one of their homemade desserts, you'll love the presentation and above all the taste.


If Italian food and fine wines are your thing, we've got you covered. Cenacolo is a restaurant where Italian gastronomy, comes to flood your table with incredible flavours, which collect memories, smells and tastes of an entire civilization. This restaurant has "The 100 Wines Club" whose purpose is to offer a selection of good Italian and Mexican wines regardless of their image. They seek to play with your taste buds by selecting wines blindly, that is, regardless of image, wine house or prices, you just have to let yourself be carried away by the flavours, body and quality of the wine, which will be the perfect complement to pair every bite and enjoy Cancun! 


If you are looking for an open-air atmosphere with spectacular sunsets while enjoying a Japanese dinner over a lagoon, Tora is the place for you. Located in one of the most exclusive areas of Cancun's Hotel Zone, this restaurant with a contemporary concept of Japanese haute cuisine, combining ancient and avant-garde techniques, offers a spacious dining patio followed by a grand staircase, which leads to a huge wooden terrace over the water, where natural candles and spacious lounges create the perfect ambience. At night you can enjoy fireworks and live shows, so we recommend you to go as a couple, it is the ideal place for a romantic dinner in Cancun.

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